A New Normal: It Changes Nothing and Everything

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Hello there! What a title, right? I should give you some context behind what I’m saying.

The Same

A week or so ago from when this is published, I became a mom for the second time. Since my motherhood journey began about three years ago, I’m not put out about sleepless nights, incessant breastfeeding, and poopy newborn diapers. The balancing act of demanding little humans, living my life, and serving my husband doesn’t frighten me.

This might be where you are.

You’ve had a significant life shift, yet nothing appears to be changed. You are still on top, crushing your dreams. You still have peace while in this new place and space. There’s nothing that you feel you can’t accomplish because you’ve adjusted well. Right?

Herein Lies the Difference

This baby isn’t the same as my oldest; I can’t assume to answer his needs in the same way. My oldest child is almost three and is an excellent helper; yet, he needs his parents to affirm him now in ways that he didn’t before the baby was born.

My place in life today differs from where I was when I first became a mother. I don’t have the same inhibitions, quirks, and nervousness now. I’m not the woman I was then, and that alone changes everything. 

This is what you should realize as well. Your new normal is an unfamiliar place, even though you sense a readiness for it. Don’t assume you know exactly how it’s going to be since you haven’t been here before. Settle that truth in your heart and allow the Lord to lead you, especially now. 

We don’t have to understand it all or figure out our lives without guidance. What we must do is trust the One who goes before us as we embrace these exciting turns as they come.