Acceleration for the Obedient Ones


So many ministers, prophets, leaders, and people of God have been sensing something is afoot in the realm of the spirit—including me. Ladies, if you didn’t know it, this is our year to rise to where the Lord has called us to be and we better give Him our best yes.

I’m a housewife and mom, so I haven’t been on the forefront as much as I used to be. However, there’s been a tugging in my spirit for more of Jesus. There’s so much more to life than what we can see with our natural eyes, so we can’t be too encumbered with natural things. If God desired that I travel again for ministry, would I give my husband and son a kiss and hit the road or would I prefer them over the One who blessed me with them?

So many of us have been crying out for more and deep has been calling to the deep and the Spirit of God has heard us. He wants us to quickly obey so that we can get in on the wave of His Spirit that will cause manifestation of His promises to come to pass suddenly. Pick up speed and solidify your obedience today because we don’t have time to waste.

Write that book. Start that business. Counsel those women. Get that degree. Whatever the Lord has placed in your heart, stop deliberating and get on it. The Lord is extending grace and granting acceleration to us in this season—this is necessary for us to be in His vane and manifesting what He desires in this hour. Yet, this is only for those who dare to believe and obey.

What will you choose?