The Time Is Now


How many times have you come to a place in your life where you wondered if it was really worth it? You know what the Lord said in His Word but hope deferred has you all in your feelings and forgetting, if but for a moment, His promises.

Let me challenge you with something. Take a moment to look around you and take it all in. Notice that we’re in the sixth month of 2018. Although it has just begun, the year is half over. Are you going to spend the rest of your year in a meaningless debate in your mind or will you be brave? Do you know who your God is? Do you really know who He has created you to be?

Shake free from the everything that has held you captive from progressing into your God-given destiny and purpose to both be and do His will in the earth, in that order! The time is NOW!

What are you waiting on?