Life Isn't Fair


My life isn’t fair! I’m sure we all have said or felt this way about our own lives at one point in time. As believers when we feel that life isn’t fair then we position that as God being unfair.

God, all of my friends are getting married who aren’t even living righteously.”

“God, everyone’s getting the job that I want, and they aren’t even qualified.”

“God, no one is seeing all the hard work I’m putting into the praise team at church and it’s not fair!”

Does any of this sound familiar? I’m sure it does! So many times, we’re all tempted to cry out, “God, it’s not fair! Why do you allow the wicked to prosper, while the godly suffer? Why do evil people live long and happy lives, while your saints suffer? IT’S JUST NOT FAIR!”

I want you to read Psalm 73. In this Psalm it doesn’t give us the false narrative that if you’re a believer, life will be trouble-free, and you’ll go around saying “Praise the Lord!” all the time. True, the Psalms are full of praise to God and they teach us that we should be people of praise. But they are very realistic in showing that such praise does not come without a struggle.

The problem of the wicked prospering and the godly suffering is a heart-matter. There is a difference between being a member of a church and having a personal, heart-relationship with God. Girlfriend, you might sing in the praise team and serve on the usher board at church, but is your heart in it? Do you really have a heart after God OR are you just hoping to get wifed up by some man seeing your service? Honey, if he is a man of God he’ll have the discernment to know where your heart truly is anyway…but I won’t go there.

God’s goodness and His sovereignty are at stake in this “life isn’t fair” complaint. Asaph in Psalm 73 was envying the wicked but was questioning whether God is good and whether He is in control of the world.  Satan attacked God’s goodness long ago when he suggested to Eve that God was withholding something good by commanding them not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Satan had used that same ploy down through the centuries and even today! When you begin to doubt either God’s goodness or His sovereignty over bad things that happen, you’re on the slippery slope toward doubt and sin.

I could truly go on and on, and maybe I will in a future podcast episode but for now, I’ll leave you with this. Recognize that God is your chief treasure for time and eternity; if you’re struggling with God not being fair, it may be because He is not your chief treasure above earthly prosperity. Asaph wanted us to know that the prosperity of the wicked is short-lived and their doom is eternal. But the blessings of the godly are eternal, whereas our trials are short-lived. The main blessing is to know God Himself as the strength of your heart and your portion forever! And before you begin to think that the woman on Facebook whom you don’t even know is living a better life than you, she is probably looking at your life thinking the same thing! Before you begin to think that your life isn’t fair, think of all the favor God has bestowed upon you that you did not earn or deserve. Life may not be fair, but honey neither is Godly favor.