Hopefully Humorous


Can you believe it’s April already?! It started off with a beautiful bang—the commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ! What a beautiful thing it is to know we serve a risen King!

Did you also know that this is National Poetry Month, National Month of Hope, as well as the National Month of Humor? I didn’t know it was all of that either. I think we should stretch ourselves this month by allowing at least one moment of everyday to be touched by poetry, hope, and humor. For example, if you journal, take a moment to flesh out a poetic note and as you interact with others, find a way to evoke healthy laughter. As it pertains to hope, choose a vertical perspective. No matter what occurs around you, you choose to look up and be anchored in the Author and Finisher of your faith—Christ Jesus.

Where’s the punchline? I’m sorry, there isn’t one in this post. But hopefully, you’ll accept the challenge and share from your heart to others.

Give hope. Share humor. Flow from rest and freedom.

Poetically yours,