What Does Easter Mean To You?


What does Easter mean to you? To some it may mean time with family and other loved ones. To others it may mean dressing in your Sunday’s best and attending a very crowded church sermon. Easter I believe may have different meanings to different people; Easter for me however means love. A perfect love story with an even more perfect ending. Now some of you may be thinking “How can she view Easter as a love story when they arrested, beat, tormented, and killed Jesus?” I see it as a love story because what other man do you know would be willing to sacrifice himself for your selfish sins to ensure that you have eternal life? I have yet to meet such a man which is why Easter is such a powerful love story.

I don’t know what your love story looks like, but my love story reflects a man who loves me in spite-of and not because-of. It displays an eternal love based on who I am and not what I’ve done. It expresses a grace that surpasses all understanding and shows a favor that I do not deserve and cannot earn. My love story shows a man who is so obsessed with me and cares for my future, my pain and despair, that he put himself in my shoes so that I would not have to endure any agony. And to wrap up this perfect love story, all I must do is love him back with my whole heart and accept him as my one and only savior and I can eventually have perfect eternal life with him!

That moves my soul just thinking about it! So, what does your Easter look like? What does your love story with Jesus look like? Are you living up to what Jesus died for? Happy Easter for He has RISEN!