Let Your Praise Be Forreal


God wants your all today, tomorrow, next week and next year. He doesn’t only want your praise when things are going well or when you are getting what you want. He wants your praise all hours of the day. He wants your heart all hours of the day. He wants your worship even when it hurts. Your praise should not be conditional. When we talk about Lukewarm Christians, we usually think about people who are saints one minute and sinning the next. That’s a can of worms for a different day, but let me ask you this: Is your praise lukewarm?

Does God get the same glory from you when you get an eviction notice that He would get from you when you get a bonus at work? Does God get the same praise from you when your relationship ends that He would get from you when that relationship started? What about when you tithe? Are you worshipping and praising Him cheerfully when you give that 10% as you are when you get that check in the mail? Do you praise him hard when doors close just like you do when doors open? Are you sharing the gospel cheerfully when things in your life are sour?

Let your praise be forreal at ALL times. We cannot afford to have a lukewarm praise and worship. Your praise is a reflection of your relationship with God. So when things get rough, don’t let your spirits go down…don’t throw yourself a pity party…don’t start questioning the ONE thing in your life that has ALWAYS been loyal. Instead open your mouth and begin to praise! Pierce the ears of the enemy with a clap and a shout so strong that he HAS to flee. And if you feel crazy doing it, keep doing it until that atmosphere shifts. If you feel like “this is fake, I’m not really feeling it” then keep doing it until it’s not fake. Keep going until you do feel it. Because that’s what Jesus did. He kept going all the way to the cross. When they yelled at Him, spit on Him, beat Him beyond recognition…when they told Him that He was nothing but a Carpenter; when they isolated Him; when His inner circle turned on Him, He didn’t get tired. He didn’t give up. He proved that His love was forreal! And even after they nailed Him on the cross, He still prayed for you and I. Even after His death, His love for us was SO REAL that by the power of the Holy Spirit, He rose AGAIN. His rise is a reflection of His heart for you and I. So again, I encourage you to let your praise be forreal. We do not have time to play with our praise.

“Nichelle this isn’t anywhere in the Bible!” I know some of you are very practical learners, so as I prepared this message of course I consulted the Word. Here’s what the Bible has to say. In Matthew 7:16, Jesus very clearly reminds us that we are the evidence of the fruit that we produce. So what does that mean and how does that connect to praise?


1.     Keeps us focused on God and not on our circumstance. Life is not about you. Sorry, I know that some of us were raised to believe the opposite, but I am here to tell you the truth. This is God’s world and we’re just living in it. Psalm 150:2.

2.     Praise crushes the enemy and makes him flee. Do you think Satan wants to be in a place filled with sweet sounds of praise and glory to God?? Of course he doesn’t. Therefore, if your space is filled with God there’s no room for Satan to sit. 2 Chron. 20:22

3.     Praise is a refreshment and renewing of our spirit. We gain strength from our praise. As we praise and exalt Him, this creates opportunities for Him to communicate directly with us. He hears us, He sees us, and He calls us by name. Psalm 63:3-4

In closing, ask yourself has your praise been real. Has it been unconditional? Has it been consistently present?