Motivation Monday, Anyone?


It’s a joy to be sharing with you again! In the spirit of hashtags, let’s chat about a popular one—#MotivationMonday. Do you ever post about it? What does it mean to you?

I know it seems trite to blog about a hashtag but...

When Mondays arrive, we share perfect quotes or our best selfies. Is this done for social media ratings or does our motivation go beyond these captures? Have you ever stopped for a moment to analyze what’s driving you? If you’re born again, you’ll say that Christ is the foundation of your life. Yet, how often does the temporal things in life drive you? Do they yield godliness?

Holiday seasons demand busyness with jobs, decorations, church programs, and more that fight for our attention. Where is God in our conversations and planning? Is the Holy Spirit steering us or are the quickly fading issues of life setting our course?

This year is quickly coming to an end and so let’s finish strong together. Let’s make intentional adjustments to keep us from getting entangled in a life of purposeless hashtags. Whether it’s Monday or Saturday, let the Lord Jesus Christ be your motivation for whatever you do.


PurposeCandace JonesComment