Dead Faith


Stop compromising. If you’re going to maintain deliverance, stop going back to what the Lord delivered you from. Holiness is necessary but it’s also your choice. What will you choose?

I called this, “Dead Faith?” because we know from the Word of God that faith without works is dead. I believe that’s not just referring to the works we’re supposed to literally do but also the working of the Spirit of God within us. If we allow Holy Spirit to have free course within us, our lives will be marked by His and our nature will line up with His.

In conjunction with the Lord’s working, we have to make some absolute decisions. If we are the called, let’s live like it. If we’re a royal priesthood, let’s live like it. If we have been delivered, let’s live like it. Every time we choose to revert to the things or ways we’re supposed to be free from, we’re choosing doubt and unbelief. Every time we choose to compromise, we’re saying that we know better than the Lord and choose to walk in our own ways instead of the path of holiness.

Today, look at the posture of your heart based upon your spiritual discipline and obedience, not just the words you speak or post, and choose the way of the Lord. Let Him live out loud through you.

Candace JonesComment