You Are My Sister


I suck at friendships. Period. Dot com.  I have a fear of trusting people. I am easily intimidated by women who are, to my standard, doing better than me.  So I don’t do well with making friends nor keeping them. 

One day I did a survey of my life and I realized I had been surrounding myself with other women who were just as guarded and hesitant to trust like me.  Being surrounded by that only made it harder for me to grow and be more open to healthy relationships.  My hesitation to pursue new relationships eventually led me to be a woman who was unapproachable and unreadable. I grew bitter from feeling like everyone felt some type of way about me, but it was me doing this to myself.  One day my sister came to me and she said “Jess, you’re my sister and I can’t see you out here like this.”  That stuck with me because I wanted to know why I believed her when I have never believed anyone before.

Godly connection.  On a recent episode of Adam’s Rib we were discussing Godly Friendships (be sure to check out that episode if you haven’t already) and I shared the example of Lindsey and I.  Our friendship has existed since birth but over time our relationship grew to have a deeper bond.  God was a connection between us and because we had Him, she was able to be my sister and hold me accountable when my actions did not line up with our Godly standards. Through God, my sister was able to correct me when I was wrong but with all love. 

Sisterhood is not just something to play around with. We should not just link with other women and call them sister just because she can take a cute selfie with us.  Being a sister comes with responsibility.  Godly connections and relationships require you to love in a very honest way.  God holds us to a standard to hold the ones we love accountable.  Can you love your sister and help her see things from a different perspective without being disrespectful?  Take inventory of your circle.  If you’re surrounded by Negative Nancy’s, Pouting Paula’s, Gossiping Glinda’s, and always Yes Yolanda’s, then it’s time for a new crew!  Once you get the crew tight, look everyone in your circle in the eye and assure them you are their sister.