Remember Me...


Have you ever seen someone that has great potential, which causes you to want to be apart of there journey/life/etc?  Even when you see that at times, there’s a point in your life that makes you look at the things that you may feel unprepared for, or better yet, undeserving.  After all of the strikeouts that you’ve dealt with, you want to be apart of something or someone that can help you get better or be better.  Outside of my accomplishments and professional relationships, I’ve been feeling like I need more opportunity for upgrade in my personal life, even through my mess-ups and dry seasons.

I was reading about the two thieves that were next to Jesus.  The thieves were about to be crucified for the mistakes that they’ve made.  Thief A asked Jesus to save himself, along with the thieves as well.  Thief B told Thief A that he was foolish for thinking that they were going to be free based on the mistakes that they made, and that they deserved death for what they did.  Then, Thief B asked Jesus to remember him when Jesus transitions to His new kingdom.  Suddenly, Jesus told them that the thieves would be with Him in paradise.

Out of all of the things that happened during Calvary, that moment stuck out to me.  God caught my attention and told me, “Advancement for better is not limited for mistakes.  It’s about what you see and believe”.  There’s always room for upgrade if you put your mind to it.  At that moment, I’ve learned and was reminded that when you keep your mind on Jesus and positivity, your needs and your future will be attended to.  Even though the lives of the thieves were at a low point, Jesus saw their need for better.  They’ve realized their mistakes, but went to Jesus for their need.  They saw forgiveness and potential for a new beginning through Jesus, even at a dying situation.  Jesus saw their desperation and put His attention on the thieves, which led to Him saying that they were going to be with Jesus in paradise.

There will be dry seasons when it feels like nothing is coming together.  There will be moments that make you feel that you’re undeserving of certain things.  However, if you allow God to put His attention on you, then you will find that your worry of better/upgrade will soon be over.  Get God’s attention and pray that He will remember you during your seasons.  It’s not always easy, but it’s worth your life.  That breakthrough, which you’ve been waiting on, will be knocking on your door.  Through hard times, believe that God will bring you into paradise.

God, remember me when you start releasing miracles.