Overwhelming but Necessary


I would be lying to you if I said sometimes I don’t want to go before God and be a little ignorant.  Think about it.  It’s been nearly 6 years and you are still waiting on a breakthrough.  It’s been months and your heart is still aching from the last person who broke it.  It’s been a year since that loved one has been gone and you still can’t sleep through the night.  We know God is up there but be real, you start to wonder what is He doing up there!  This pain is becoming unbearable.  This season is a little too overwhelming.  Things are falling apart all around you.  Don’t you just want to ask God what is going on?  Let me share with you what God told me when I asked…

He simply replied to me “It’s necessary.”

I want you to think about one thing that is of great value that is easy to obtain.  I personally couldn’t think of much.  All I kept thinking is how all of the most valuable things that I desire to have will require sacrifice and some uncomfortable moments.  Valuable possessions like diamonds go through its own process before it shines.  So in order for you and me to obtain the blessings God has in store for us we too have to go through a bit of a process.  God takes us through these seasons of preparation because we have to be ready to handle what it is He has in store.  We have a tendency to get a little impatient with God and His timing.  I know I do!  I get downright annoyed and impatient with God sometimes.  I am tired of struggling.  I’m tired of being worried about bills.  I’m over this broken heart.  I tired!  Yet, God gives me visions of what’s in store and those visions gives me rest.  It drives me to push through the season.  It’s a reminder of why this season is necessary. 

Be encouraged that God hasn’t forgotten about you.  He’s not ignoring you.  He’s not turned His back on you.  God is strengthening you.  What God has planned for your life is special.  Special things take time to formulate and you have to be ready for all the responsibility that comes along with it.  I know you feel like you’re drowning but you’re not.  I assure you, you are not finished here.  You’re next!  Just hang in there and remember that this is necessary.