I Wrote God a Love Letter

So I was having a moment of quiet and I began to write. I decided to write a letter to my Father.  Here’s what my heart said:

Dear God,

It’s been quite some time since I’ve come to You.  It’s been awhile since my energy met Your presence.  In this moment I’m scared and embarrassed.  I’m returning to You dirty, tainted, hard-headed, and broken.  God I know I messed up.  I messed up a lot of things with a lot of great people.  I’ve broken bonds that should have never been broken.  I’ve idolized earthly man over You.  I made bad choice after bad choice.  I kept running into the same bad habits that You told me to let go of.  I’ve had problems with my ego.  There have been times I think I know better than You God and I constantly make mistakes.  I’ve run into failed relationship after failed relationship. I’ve fallen short too many times to keep track of but yet You’re still right here.  While in times of weakness I felt as if I was abandoning You God but Your covering never abandoned me.  Father thank You for showing me again what unconditional love looks like.  No matter how many times I’ve failed You, Your grace and mercy has remained sufficient.  I appreciate that You still love me despite my flaws.  When man said I wasn’t enough, You said I was just enough.  It is a true honor to be loved by a Father who knows everything wrong about me but loves me anyway.  Your love sets the standard for how I should love others.  Your example is helping me to grow and become the woman I am supposed to be in You.  God even in my lowest season, I thank You and I have to say I love you more than anything.  Lord continue to cleanse me and renew me.  I want to be of a sweet fragrance before You Lord.  Just wanted to say I love you.