More Than You Can Bear

A man wants a job so that he can be fulfilled mentally, physically, and even spiritually.  As much as he was gifted and talented with work ethics, his resume wasn’t matching his physical attributes. So when he wasn’t given the position or the blessing, he became upset, thinking that he was ready for it.  What he didn’t realize is that everything that he didn’t possess in his background (behind the scenes/personal life) affected the decision that was made from the higher power. He lacked in the areas that mattered the most.  Because he lacked in that area, the blessing that he asked for didn’t come, all due to his lack of preparation/position outside of that blessing, which he asked for.

It’s interesting that we ask for things from God that we think that we can handle, but we all know that we’re not fully prepared to handle the assignments that we’ve asked for, due to lack of preparation or things that just may be in the way.  We will not be able to bear any good material from God if we’re not in a position to hold or handle it.  When is the last time you’ve even heard of a 2 year old holding a infant while standing up?  Never… That’s because they’re not built to handle something that they’re not properly trained to deal with.  God deals with us that way.  He will never put more on you than what you can handle.  He only does that because he loves you, and honestly doesn’t want you to go crazy.