I struggled with what I was going to write about for this week. I’ve had a lot going on with work, the podcast, and other areas in my life. I’ve been so distracted and struggled with hearing what God wanted me to write about. It’s funny how easily distracted we can become with our lives and not even realize that it can block God’s voice all together. I feel that distractions is the start of how the enemy can tempt us away from drawing closer to God. Some may feel that Satan only shows up through a person or a circumstance with a pointed tail and horns for ears. The enemy is smarter than we think; he shows up in our everyday lives and he can be hard to recognize at times. He can distract you when you choose to watch junk TV over praying; he can distract you when you pick up the carnal romance novel instead of your Bible; he can distract you when you choose to entertain a man who doesn’t love God instead of waiting for God to send you your Boaz.

The powerful forces of the world are STRONG,  For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world…”  Ephesians 6:12. All of the distractions are used to put our focus towards the world-which can look shiny, and away from God. You can’t allow any open door for the enemy to come into your life and distract you. I understand how life can get the best of you and how you can look up and realize a whole week has passed and you haven’t even opened your Bible to spend time with God. I’m guilty of that and I know many other people are as well. If you are guilty of this I would challenge you to literally schedule time with your heavenly Father. We’re all so quick to schedule time for date night, a Scandal watch party, or the gym, but why are we not scheduling time to spend with Jesus? I know it may seem silly, but believe me when I say it’s worth it and it’ll create a habit of praise.

I personally have a self-journal where I write down my gratitude’s each day, my goals for each day-short and long term, in addition to my daily schedule with each hour planned out. Having a self-journal has helped me ensure that I’m spending time with God and not allowing distractions to come between us. I used to feel like I was “cheating” on God by putting other things before him such as television, shopping, and going out with friends. Now that I have started to dictate my time and scheduling time with Jesus, I find myself becoming less distracted and more connected with God and can hear him more clearly. I hope my experience and story will encourage you to walk away from distractions.