Motherhood: The Gift of Grace

Wow! Can you believe it's already May? The fifth month of the year.

Five, the number of grace.

This month, my little guy turns six months old. God has graced me to join the ranks of motherhood. I didn't know I'd be a part of this tribe. While on the operating table last year, I wasn't sure I'd live beyond his birth—but once again God’s grace stepped in.

Grace—God’s unmerited favor.

Many of us will be celebrating our moms, or memories, ourselves as mothers, or expectant moms, adoptive moms, foster moms. In the midst of the revelry we won't forget what has made everything possible.

You guessed it. Grace.

Had it not been for God’s grace, we wouldn't be here to celebrate. We wouldn't be able to share in the beauty of motherhood, whether one naturally or otherwise. The memories of mothers and grandmothers who have transitioned wouldn't be beautiful without God’s grace.

We are blessed. We are favored. We are daughters. We are mothers. We are because He is.

This month, let's remember the awesomeness of God’s grace as we celebrate our loved ones.

Happy Mother's Day!