Broken, But Still Holding On

I’m currently facing one incredibly rough season in my life.  I’m losing people I didn’t expect to lose.  I’m losing faith in people that I always trusted.  Life as I have always known it has taken a harsh left turn.  I can’t lie, in the midst of this storm I really feel like giving up on my faith.  I find myself questioning God and questioning the purpose He has on my life because surely God wouldn’t continue to take me through situations that break me.  These are the thoughts in my head.  I try to face seasons like this one and remind myself that God is up to something but when things are this tough it’s so hard to believe that I’m not just failing.  I sit and wonder who’s out here praying for me?  Who can I cry to?  Who even cares that I’m hurting on the inside?  Then I see the passage of scripture that says “I look to the hills where my help comes from.”

Help…it’s something I need right now.  I need that lifting in my spirit.  I need that assurance that even in the midst of this storm, this too shall pass.  I need that hem of His garment like the lady with the issue of blood.  I need that moment to sit before the throne.  I need that hill where my help is. 

Even though right now things are rough, rocky, and just plain ugly, I have to hold on to the promise.  God made me a promise that everything will work out for my good.  He promised me the victory.  So while I feel pain, I still hold on.  While I feel pretty broken, I’m still holding on.  “Come to Me all those who are weak and heavy burdened.”  Here I come Father because I know You will make the load just a little bit lighter. 

I shared my personal and most current season because I know I am not alone.  I know someone reading this blog is suffering through a tough season and feels broken.  Just know we are holding on together.  We’ll pray together.  We’ll push through together and we will receive the desires of our hearts together. Bless you sisters.