If You Knew Who I Really Was Would You Still Love Me?

Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so…” I’m sure we’ve all heard or have sung the song “Jesus Loves Me,” but how many of us really believe that He does? See, the love that we think we have for one another isn’t like the love Jesus has for us. So many of us say the words “I love you” to one another but if we truly knew who that person was, we’d be quick to suddenly no longer love that person. Love is a CHOICE! Yes, that’s right a choice! Your emotions shouldn’t determine whether you love someone or not, but unfortunately that’s exactly how we treat love. And I’m so glad to know that our heavenly Father doesn’t love us out of emotion but because He chooses to.

We even love God out of our own emotions. We love him based on what He gives and blesses us with. “Oh God, if you bless me with this house I’ll love you forever.” “Oh God, if you give me more money I’ll love you even more.” Our love of Christ has become solely based on conditions and the truth is God knows who you really are and loves you in spite of your conditional love for Him. We as women can tend to cover up our pain, fears, and doubts with technology, sin, and other things of this world. That’s why I propose the question “if you really knew who I was would you still love me?”  We cover up who we really are for fear that nobody will love and accept who we really are. See, God wants ALL of you, where as man says they want all of you but really can only tolerate parts of you. So many of us are pressured into “keeping it real” but the truth is that not everyone can handle it real, but God can. People may use your pain against you, but God can transform your pain into power.

When we finally feel comfortable enough with people and share our secrets with them, and finally decide to become vulnerable is when we tend to get burned. It’s when we learn if that person truly loves us or not. It’s when man burns us when begin to not rely on God and trust Him with our secrets. He wants ALL of you sister. We think that if we can get enough people to like us then we will love ourselves. When God calls you He calls ALL of you. Love is proven by what you’re willing to give up or sacrifice. Jesus sacrificed His son, which is the ultimate proof of love. God knows who you really are and still loves you. So I would encourage you to give all of yourself to Him and not be afraid of what His reaction would be because you know it will be a positive one. We’re so busy running from God trying to hide from Him instead of running towards Him. He’s waiting on you with open arms ready and willing to love all of you.