So About My Last 30 Days...

So as result of my last 30 days I’ve lost 20 pounds.  Why you ask?  It was placed on my heart back in January that I needed to find myself deeper in God.  Up until that moment I thought I was pretty solid spiritually.  I thought I prayed consistently enough.  I thought I read my word decently.  I was going to church as usual but when I really took a second to examine my soul, I was still feeling empty.  So when I recognized that it was time for me to get drastic for God, I said ok but I took forever to act on my promise.  Shortly after my boyfriend’s birthday I put my excuses away and decided to embark on a fast that I KNEW was going to challenge my flesh in a way it had never been challenged.  For 30 days I didn’t eat for 12 hours out of the day.  For 30 days I didn’t distract myself with social media.  For 30 days I denied my flesh of instant gratification.  For 30 days I didn’t really talk to many people.  For 30 days I woke up an hour earlier to pray and read my word.  For 30 days it was just God and I.

So here are the results of my 30 days with God: truth smacked me in my face in a very harsh way.  I can’t lie I went into this fast with a preconceived notion that God was going to shower me with all these incredible blessings but instead He showered me with realities I never wanted to face.  When I couldn’t run to Facebook or Instagram to get my mind off of it, I was forced to talk to God about the flaws that I never asked to be delivered from, I had to accept that some people I was hanging onto were toxic for me.  I had to go through the painful process of forgiving people that I would rather not forgive.  I had to cry ugly a few times to shed the tough exterior that I always try to maintain.  If I can be honest, at one point I felt like I was losing more than I was gaining on this fast.  Then one day it hit me, I wasn’t losing anything.  I was being prepped for what’s getting ready to come!  I was being drawn into God more with every truth He revealed.  I noticed by day 14 or so I was praying more boldly.  I was stressing less.  I was handling tough moments like a champ.  I stopped fighting battles that weren’t mine to fight and I strapped up with my spiritual warfare for the battles that were mine.  I prayed more strategically.  I trusted God to a new depth.  By day 20, I wasn’t thinking anymore about being hungry during the day but instead getting eager to get home so I can get back to the Master’s feet. 

My past 30 days have been life changing and spirit cleansing.  My soul has never been more encouraged.  My prayer for you is that if you’re in a season where you feel spiritually empty, you get drastic for God too.