Love is in the Air!

It’s six days away from the Love Holiday—St. Valentine’s Day. The one day that many women in western society expect to receive some token of love from their beau of choice. God have mercy on the man who fails his lady on this day! At least that’s what commercialism would make it seem like we’d need to pray.

With this idea in mind, though, I have a few questions for you. If love is truly in the air, why does it matter if this day isn’t observed the way you think it should be? Have you thought about who St. Valentine is that we named this day after? Is the love that you’re seeking to receive conditional or unconditional? How will you reciprocate it? Answer these questions in your personal journal (or the comment section below) and do a little research if necessary.

As a wife and mother, naturally, I’d want to be pampered, but I want to challenge myself a little more this year. Maybe I can think of ways to pamper and surprise my husband and son. I could even think more creatively and see how I can serve widows, especially those who recently lost their husbands to remind them that they’re still loved. I want others to know that love is more than just brotherly or romantic or friendly—it’s unconditional. Loving without condition is such an ancient, archaic, holy love that has eternal implications that will benefit both the recipient and the giver.

You may be single or married yet no matter your status, take this day as a chance to minister unconditional love to someone else. You’d feel much better about yourself, knowing that you’ve touched someone’s heart in a way that may have seemed insignificant to you but amazing to them. Be what you want to receive and do it all as unto the Lord and be richly rewarded for it.

Love is in the air so give it wholeheartedly! 

LoveCandace JonesComment