There’s a Blessing in Their Hate


I know we all get pretty frustrated when we hear about someone talking down on us or hating on what we’re doing to better ourselves.  I know I personally get pretty annoyed with all my haters but the other day I was listening to one of my favorite money mantra mixtapes and the guy who was speaking said something along the lines of “if you don’t have any haters than you’re not doing anything worth noticing.”  That spoke to me.  That statement made me realize that haters are more of blessing than they are a curse.  I’ll explain.

Let’s say you just finished your degree program and someone in your family seems to be very negative about your accomplishment.  They bombard you with questions on what you’re planning to do next.  They discourage you by saying you may not find a position in the field you went to school for.  You’re getting rushed with all this negativity and you just want to scream.  Here’s the deal though, this is only happening because you’re doing something that’s worth recognizing.  You’re doing something worth talking about.  God has positioned you to do something that others can’t do.  That’s why they’re hating anyway.  Hate only comes from a place of envy and bitterness.  Most can’t stand when another person is popping if they are not.  I personally think God sends these people in our lives as a reminder of His greatness that shines through you.  We as humans and especially as women, we take everything so personal.  We take a person hating on us in a very negative way but let’s begin to change our perception. 

Haters are confirmation that you are shining girl!  So when you get a hater thank God for them.  Haters can’t grow because they’re stuck on you!  So that is your chance to continue to make moves and continue to grow.  A hater is coming for you but you don’t go back for the hater.  Vengeance is mine said the Lord. So while God fights that battle, you keep grinding. A hater should be used as motivation.  They don’t control your emotion, you do.  I’m telling you, there’s a blessing in them haters!  A hater only brings more attention to what you’re doing and it only makes the rest of the world notice you even more.  Haters indirectly bring great things to you.  So you see the blessing here?

Father we thank you for this day God.  Thank you Father for positioning us to do things that many notice.  Lord today we lift up anyone who is struggling with the spirit of hate and envy.  Father God show them that they are fearfully and wonderfully made and because they have been created by You, their destinies will be greater.  God show them that hating is just a road block from getting to the promise You made to Your children.  Show your favor upon those who feel better by bringing down others.  God keep blessing and we will continue to give you all the honor and glory that is due to Your name.  In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Keep grinding sis.