You're the Key To Your Blessing

Every major or much needed door has a lock to it.  Every lock is utilized by a key.  Every key is created by a key maker or a locksmith.  The locksmith designs and cuts a key for each designated door lock.  You will notice that every key has cuts, dips, bending parts, high points, and low points.  Why is that?  Because every door and lock is not created for every key.  Doors and locks are created based on one design only.  Once you put the key in the lock, you begin to access whatever is on the other side of that door.  It amazes me that God will take something and use it for encouragement.

In life, we are the key.  There will be times that God (our locksmith) will shape us and make us for the future, which includes your blessing.  Not every person is created to go through your door and receive the blessing that’s designed just for you.  Your lock is the relationship between you and God.  The Lord created that lock just for you to utilize.  The lock is also represented as you prayer life, praise life, fasting, your communication with God, etc.  Once you utilize your “lock”, you will see the door open for you.  Take time to learn from the key points of your life, utilize your “lock”, and walk through the door that our locksmith, the Lord, designed for you.