I Love You, But From a Distance

I was thinking about an old friend the other day.  I really started missing the time we used to share.  That was one of my best friends.  We did everything you can think of together.  If no one else understood me, I know she did.  If no one else supported me, this lady did.  Her friendship was something I cherished with my entire heart.  She was auntie to my kids.  She was my sister.  It was one day when I was out with her.  We had just left a party and I had the most eerie feeling you can imagine.  We made a stop on our way home and who knew that stop would turn into a moment where we were literally running for our lives.  Being at the wrong place at the wrong time, I nearly lost my life.  I remember praying and asking God what was the reason for experience such a traumatic moment.  God told me it was time to check who I was investing my time into.  He was telling me that through this moment I need to pay attention to the things I was becoming and evaluate if it was lining up with what God has called me to be.

At the time I really thought I was doing everything right.  I thought I was surrounded by all the right people.  I thought I had cut off all the people that meant me no good.  Then on this day, I realized I wasn’t lining up to what God intended for me to be.  I loved my sister!  Surely God wasn’t telling me to cut myself off from someone I cared about so much?  Was God really commanding my spirit to walk away from someone who had been down for me when I was at my lowest?  Then one day I was watching a show with TD Jakes on it.  He was explaining the difference between a turtle and a giraffe.  For the most part turtles are harmless.  They don’t get into much.  They move at a slow pace but the problem with turtles is that they only see things from a low level.  Let’s look at the giraffe though.  They stand tall.  They can move slowly but when it’s time for them to move, they can pick up speed.  They have an advantage over most animals.  They have an elevated view.  They see things from a higher point of view.  They reach the things in high places. 

I had a person in my life that was still in a low level.  She was supportive and she cared deeply for me but she was constantly wrestling with her own demons.  Unfortunately the things she battled with were beginning to become my struggles as well.  We started feeding off each other’s energy.  I started getting addicted to doing things that were totally out of the will of God.  God had been trying to elevate me but I was missing what God had for me because I was staying on the low level with my turtle-like friend.  I finally got to a place, after nearly dying from following her lead that I broke free of that relationship.  It hurt.  I cried.  I questioned God countless times but all of a sudden the blessings began to flow and my life hasn’t been the same.

Allow my story to encourage you that sometimes you have to love people from a distance.  I still love that young lady with my entire heart.  I pray for her daily but her lifestyle was going to block everything God had for me.  Who you stay connected to could make or break your future.  Do an inventory check and make sure you’re not currently connected to someone who could block your promise.  God wants to take us higher in Him.  He has blessings with our names on them but we have to have the room in order to receive.