Keep Going!

Wow, what an excellent start to the year for me! Many blessings I’ve already begun to see manifest in my life and I’m truly encouraged! What about you? Have you been noticing manifestations of victory in your life? Have you perhaps experienced some defeats?

 Maybe you’ve made a resolution for the New Year that you already experienced defeat because you’ve blown it in some way. I have something to tell you.

 Keep going!

 I know all too well how that works. This past Friday my hubby and I were preparing to go to my hometown for my uncle’s funeral, and we needed something to eat quickly. We decided to get a $5 pizza and were enjoying ourselves when right at the end, I had a thought. I should not be eating this pizza! It has pepperoni slices! However, it was too late at that point.

 It doesn’t seem like much of a big deal, but it was at that time because I set out to begin this year having no meat for the first 21 days. No, I wasn’t doing the “Daniel Fast,” as many of us erroneously refer to his restricted diet in Daniel 10; I just decided to cut out the extras.

 Now, I have a choice to make. I can both beat myself up and quit because I blew it or I can pick myself up and keep going. What about you? Maybe you’ve already blown it in some area that is more severe than mine but are you going to imprison yourself and not move forward or will you do as I did and keep going?

 I hope you choose the latter because this is still the beginning. You can still make it and come out on top regarding whatever that is in which guilt is trying to overtake you. Don’t count yourself out just yet. Keep going!