Why I'm Still Single...

As a single woman I am always fantasizing about my wedding day.  Who will I marry?  What does he look like?  What will the colors be?  As much as I look forward to the day, I also stay in touch with the fact that I am still single.  Often I ask God “What do you want me to do with this time while I wait for my future husband?”  Do I spend too much time worrying about what could be instead of giving God the best of me now? “

            I think back to the beautiful story of Esther.  She was a beautiful single woman.  She had a passion for her people. When it became known that the king was looking for a wife instead of thinking of all the ways she could have the best ceremony, she made herself available for preparation.  She went through a beautification process that got her ready to meet her king.  Her beauty won the king’s favor and he was smitten with her.  Esther could have become content once she won the king’s favor and thought no more of her true purpose but instead, after speaking to her uncle Mordeci, she focused on using her position to help her people.  In the time of her solidifying her spot with the king, she charmed him to save the people she loved the most.  Single women could learn so much from Esther.  She used her position for a greater good. 

            So while I’m still single, I want to make myself totally available to what God has for me.  While I’m still single, I want to be used to do something great.  I want to utilize my time to give more to God and less to a fantasy.  I know that God has my future already planned.  So while I’m still single….I’m simply going to serve God in whatever capacity He would have for me.  While I’m single, I will take risks if it means God getting the glory.  “My storage is empty and I am available to You.”