You Have the Power

Do you ever feel powerless at times? So powerless that you feel no matter what you do, you just know you’re going to be defeated. So powerless that you’re certain nothing could change your situation but a God-sent miracle. Be honest. I know I’ve felt that way at times, until I realized that God has provided me all the power I need to defeat any and every enemy.

Growing up I was always taught to be mindful and on alert of the enemy. The enemy in my mind was a man who looked evil, sounded evil, dressed evil, and I would be able to easily recognize the “enemy.” Since the enemy (in my mind) was easy to recognize then I thought I should be able to easily defeat him. But what I’ve learned overtime is that the enemy can be someone we don’t recognize when he shows up in the skin of someone we know or love. And since we don’t recognize this enemy, we tend to react as though it’s the person in enemy’s skin who’s the problem, forgetting that we fight not against people but against the spirits of darkness… Ephesians 6:12

It’s interesting how we’re so quick to point out someone’s misbehavior, or their flaws, or injustices towards us. Let me put it in practical terms. Let’s say you’re raising a teenager who once was so sweet, kind, and caring-and that teenager is now bringing an atmosphere of conflict into your home. When that teenager begins acting out of a rebellious spirit, you have the power to take authority over that spirit and bind it from operating any further. Yes, that teenager is responsible for their actions, but there is an enemy behind that spirit of discord that you have authority over. When the enemy attacks, you must stand in faith and continue to speak what God has said about what you’re facing. If you shift and begin to agree with the enemy because of what you see or hear, you’re then giving him the power to remain in place. And he has NO place in your spirit, your home, your workplace, or your life.

The key to walking in God-given authority is being in close fellowship with the Holy Spirit. The authority God has given us is not something we can operate in without being in fellowship with Him. I feel that the reason why we feel defeated by the enemy is because we’re not wrapped up in God; we’re wrapped up in the enemy’s, deception, self-hate, discouragement, etc. If you knew the plan God had over your life, if you knew the purpose God has for you, if you knew that God provided you authority over spiritual evil forces, then you wouldn’t feel intimated by the enemy. You would recognize the enemy immediately. We’re so quick to disregard God until we need Him. You won’t have power if you’re not connected to a power source. What are you connected to? When you create a habit of spending time with God, you will learn to hear Him more clearly and be able to discern what’s behind the difficulties you may be facing. I would encourage you to seek God boldly; because God can’t help you if you think you know it all. You know you can’t defeat the enemy by yourself, so why not try God and see what happens?