Walking In the Light

John 8:12

“I am the light of the world. He who follows me shall not walk into darkness, but have the light of life.”

The “I Am” declarations that are in the Bible are so fascinating to me because it-is-what-is and not what will be or is to come.  This declaration is God’s second “I Am” declaration in John.  In the Old Testament “walking in the light of the Lord” is referenced, but in the New Testament “walking in the light” is directly related to following Jesus.  Although this verse does directly say “walk in the light-which is Jesus” it does however warn us of doing the opposite.  Therefore, those who follow Jesus are “walking in the light.”

Your lifestyle or way of life can be considered a “walk,” which also indicates progress, related to growth and is taking a step towards maturity.  Just like when a baby first walks, it shows progress and a sign of growth.  Light in the Bible can be referred to happiness, righteousness, or understanding, or peace of mind.  So in putting it all together “walking in the light” could mean growing in holiness and maturing in our faith as we follow Jesus.

Jesus is claiming in this verse that He is the exclusive source of spiritual light and there is no other source like this available to us.  And there are two types of light in this world, spiritual and physical light.  It is obvious that physical light is necessary for life to be abundant.  A forest filled with tall trees have very thick canopies because they are closest to the sun light, and the ground beneath them usually has very few plants because it’s not close to the light which is required to grow life.  In the same way, spiritual light is necessary for our spiritual life.  In John it also says that the believer will always tend toward spiritual things…the unbeliever always does the opposite because light exposes evil and it hates the light.

It’s amazing to me how so many people will not go towards Jesus who is the light because they know they will have to expose all their sins and dirt and that it has to come to light.  But people tend to forget that once we expose our dirt and confess our sins, Jesus’ blood covers and forgives all of it.  I remember when my boyfriend and I went to a haunted house one year it was dark.  The final haunted house we went through was outside and it was practically pitch black, and my boyfriend had a flashlight guiding us.  I was clinging on to him so tight and wanted to be near him because he was the one who had the light. He was directing our path throughout the haunted house and I felt safe because he had the light.  That is how we have to treat our spiritual life with Jesus.  If we are walking around in darkness and not towards his light we will never find our way to eternal life or have peace here on earth.

My prayer is:  "God, thank you for being the light and source that I need to enter into your kingdom.  I ask that you block anything that may hinder me from seeing your light and walking towards you.  I claim this in your name, Amen!"