"Hi, My Name Is Barabbas"

Mark 15:6-15 talks about how Pilate decided to hold a vote on who was to be free from the prison that he ran. It was either Jesus or Barabbas. Who is Barabbas you ask? Barabbas is a man that was set to die on death row for the huge amount of homicides that he committed during that time frame. He couldn't separate right from wrong. He was a killer, a thief, and a home wrecker. When Pilate gave the people a choice as to who would be set free, they chose Barabbas over Jesus. We all know that Jesus had no sin attached to him.

As dirty and evil as Barabbas was, he never realized how serious that situation was when Jesus really saved him and gave him another chance to redeem himself. Jesus took his place for a purpose; so that Barabbas can live again. We are Barabbas...full of sin, undeserving of grace, and constantly making mistakes. Jesus saw our mistakes, erased them out of his mind, and took our place of death so that we can live to change our lives. This is amazing because Jesus looked beyond our faults and saw our needs. What an awesome God we serve. He saw that we needed a second chance to live again even when we didn't realize it.

Jesus died with our penalty of sin. We are free because He loves us!