Death Interrupted

This blog post first appeared here: and was written from my perspective at that time while being an unmarried woman. Although many of these same reflections are noted in my book For Such A Time As This, I sensed God wanting me to share this particular post again. I pray it is a blessing for all who read it and may God continue to be glorified in all of our lives! –Candace  

*             *             *

Working at the library, I get the pleasure of seeing various interesting books there and Single, Saved, and Having Sex by Ty Adams has been catching my eye so I just HAD to get it. When I began reading this book, I realized this was something I couldn't just fly through like I do with other books. He's trying to tell me something and when God speaks, I must listen (He ALWAYS speaks, so I must always listen but that's another message!).

There was something I just read in it that had me in tears and I'm going to share that excerpt with you.

In Scripture, we have the scribes and Pharisees in John 8:1 – 11 who brought a woman to Jesus because they caught her in adultery and they said, "Teacher, this woman was caught in the act. The law commands that such a woman be stoned, but what do You say?" They were trying to trip Jesus up by placing Him in a position where He had to choose between his loyalty to the law and his loyalty to those who violated the law. The next sentence begins, "But Jesus…"…We cheated on God, walked away, and betrayed Him, and the law stated that the sexual sins that we've committed were payable only by death…but Jesus! Ignoring them, He stooped down and wrote on the ground with His finger…He interrupted death. (Adams, 2006)

Sexual sins encompass it all, whether you're currently active or "celibate," whatever the case may be. This is one area that the enemy uses on many single (unmarried) Christian men and women because he knows that if we are sexually immoral, that immorality begins to infiltrate every other area of our lives. Whether having sex or meditating on sexual thoughts, none of it is pleasing to the Father, but Jesus! So many times we see Christians who seem as if they have it all together and honestly they don't, neither do I. This topic, sex, has been an issue for me, ever since childhood, but Jesus stepped in so it doesn't have to be an issue. Whatever the sexual struggle is that you face, remember that Jesus interrupted what the religious folks wanted to do to former adulteress and instead of death, He forgave her and gave her eternal life.

Remember that now you are in Christ, you have been set free! He has already forgiven you and He replaced your death sentence (since the wages of sin is death) with eternal life AND He provided a way for you to maintain your deliverance by living by His example. The Word of God showcases the life of Jesus Christ as He walked the earth to show us how we can live as well. Embrace the life of wholeness and holiness that Jesus has provided for you and will live through you by totally surrendering it all to Him. As I come to the close of this post, I want to leave you with another excerpt from this book:

Your past does not cancel out your future. Neither can it cancel God's purpose for your life. Your life, your purpose for existence, and your ministry are not over. Your past does not determine if you are capable of possessing your future. In fact, it proves that you are qualified for it. (Adams, 2006)

Remember that you don't have to be a slave to sexual sins, whether it's past sins that haunt you or present struggles you face. Jesus has already interrupted death's power over you, cancelling out the stronghold of sin! I love you and may you be blessed and encouraged to live in liberty!