Through Christ You Are Free

So often we are bound by the stress of our lives.  We get all out of sorts when the kids are acting crazy or when the money is tight.  We don’t do this intentionally but we fall victim to our circumstances and then that’s when the dreadful act of complaining begins to kick in.  We call up our girlfriends and start popping off about the kids, the men, and the other various stressors.  We become slaves to our stress and we forget about our freedom. 

John 8:36 says “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”  Jesus died for our sins and transgressions.  He gave His life so that we may live freely and abundantly.  So while the price has already been paid for our freedom, we still seem to function with an incarcerated mindset when we allow the things going wrong around us to alter our happiness and joy.  True freedom begins within you.  Your spirit and your mind have to feel and operate in freedom.  Freedom comes with sincere happiness, peace, and joy.  When you begin to live in the trueness of freedom, if the enemy attacks, you will feel a sense of peace that will give you the confidence to get through anything.  Instead of bowing down to defeat, you will walk in your victory.

Embrace your freedom! Christ gave the ultimate sacrifice for us to be free.  Don’t continue to keep your spirit enslaved.  Keep the words from John 8:36 close to your heart.  It’s time to be FREE!