To Live is Christ

Today, I received what I consider to be the one of the biggest unexpected interruptions that I've had this year. A part of my past, a chapter that I thought was closed was opened again. Apparently, the Lord thought it was time that I be tested since I claim to be a changed woman—no longer who I used to be because Jesus truly saved my life. But I was so perplexed by the situation that I really didn't know how to feel, what to think, or how to react. I certainly wasn't thinking about how far I had come. But I know what the word of God says and one of the things Jesus tells us is that we have to "deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow him" in order to be his disciple (Matthew 16:24.) In that moment, denying myself just seemed all too difficult. But I'm changed, right?

Shortly after, I watched a bible study (To Live is Christ, To Die is Gain by Pastor Matt Chandler on Right Now Media) that convicted me and reminded me of one simple truth: Life is not about me. Never has been. Never will be. Plain and simple. The moment I truly laid my life down to follow Christ is when I came to the end of me. I no longer exist, but Christ...that's the goal, that's who I strive to be like now.

While I'm here on this earth, I want so desperately to please Christ with my walk and my faith. No matter how badly it hurts my flesh or how much I want to kick and scream "Lord, this just isn't fair!" I have to remember that what I do now matters. Every time I'm given a test, it's up to me to exercise what I have already attained. In this unexpected moment, I could have reacted in my flesh which only serves and glorifies me or I could have acted in a way that glorifies my Heavenly Father.  Needless to say, after watching that bible study, I chose the latter. As Paul says, I have to forget what is behind me and press toward the goal to win the prize...which is Christ, himself (Phil. 3:13-14.)

I want to inherit my prize someday and most days it's hard to think like that but knowing that earth is not the end I (we) have to stay focused. We have to continuously and passionately pursue Christ and all that He is on a daily basis in order to keep in mind that this life is about living for His glory and not our own. Today, I was reminded to live is Christ. Lord, please help us all to never forget.