Before the Promise

Genesis 15:1-11

I would encourage you to read about Abraham in the book of Genesis. It’s filled with promises to us that God made a long time ago, and still stands true till this day. God’s promise to Abraham was that his seed would multiply more than could be counted. Abraham’s purpose was to be the father of a great nation. But when God revealed Abraham’s purpose to Him, Abraham had no children. Immediately after this revelation, Abraham asked for a sign that the promise God has just given him would come to pass, but before Abraham could have his sign, God told him he had to make a sacrifice.

Lesson 1-Your purpose will ALWAYS require a sacrifice. Often we ask God for signs of his promises to us, but according to the promise he made to Abraham it requires a sacrifice. Time, money, service, etc. You must be a follower before you can lead, you have to give before you can receive, and you have to serve in order to be served. When you ask God for a sign, don’t be surprised if you are required to make a sacrifice first. You may be waiting on God for the promise of healing, but it may require the sacrifice of long suffering. You may be waiting on God for the promise of deliverance, but it will require the sacrifice of patience. You may be waiting on God for the promise of financial blessing, but it will require the sacrifice of self-control.

Lesson 2-Be aware of promise stealers. People who have not trusted God with their lives will have a problem seeing you trust God with your own.  As you move into your promise the people who you think will be supportive may be nowhere to be found. Friends may be waiting to steal your faith. Just like in verse 11 when vultures swooped down to eat the carcasses of Abraham’s animal sacrifice, your friends may have smelled the promise on you, and they plan to take your sacrifice from you. Remove these people from your life! The Bible says that Abraham had to stand over his sacrifice and drive the vultures away. Attacks didn’t just come once, but over and over again. He spent blood and sweat to watch his sacrifice and make sure it would fulfill its purpose…so he could fulfill his. Protecting your sacrifice will require effort.

Guard your heart and your spirit ladies and remind yourself that you can do all things that God has called you to do. Command your spirit to have joy on the many occasions where you will be tempted toward sadness and doubt.