The Precious Blood

I once watched a medical doctor give his account of the cruelty and inhumane treatment given to Jesus Christ during the time of the crucifixion.  He was asked what this sacrifice meant to him.  In a very emotional tone the doctor said how he was profoundly impacted by the death of Jesus Christ.  Prior to that question he described the series of attacks so to speak that Jesus endured.  The medical professional went on to say how that as a human there’s no way He would have survived but as Christ He could endure anything.  After listening to the description of all that Jesus encountered just to die for me it moved me to tears.  In that moment it became clear that God sacrificed His son and that was a sacrifice my human self would not have made.

We sing songs about the blood.  We listen to preachers speak about the miraculous power that’s within the blood but do we really grasp the concept of the blood?  It was the blood that Jesus shed for us that allow us to live even when we deserved to die.  It is because of the blood that we are living life and more abundantly.  It is not to any goodness of our own but if it weren’t for the power of that blood that was shed, that moment Jesus decided to become mortal to die for our sins; the question I would propose is where would we be?  You see, there is something so precious and special about Jesus’s blood.  It’s representation of the very thing that still saves our lives and our destinies today. 

If it had not been for the blood!  I get emotional like that medical doctor I mentioned earlier when I think about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  He endured a level of torture that we as humans would have not survived.  He allowed the people who cursed Him to hang him and slaughter Him.  They wrapped His body and placed it in a tomb that was thought to be unmovable yet on the third day He rose with ALL power in His hands.  His death gave us life.  That thought should give us all a very grateful spirit and my prayer is that it will give us all reason to think twice before we take advantage of the goodness of Jesus.  Father God I want to thank You for giving Your only Son to give His life to save an undeserving soul like mine.  Lord we fall short and take advantage of Your glory at times but if it weren’t for the blood I wouldn’t be here today.  Father God continue to strengthen us and allow us to never lose sight of the ultimate price paid to save us.  Father we love you, In Jesus name, Amen.