The Power of a Godly Sister

Proverbs 13:20

- “Walk with the wise and become wise; for a companion of fools suffers harm.”

So many times women in various ministries and random social groups have lured me. I was convinced I found a safe haven to bare my problems and I would be supported and surrounded by love, but so many times I was let down. So many times I have found myself running into issues and wondering why I still felt so alone. I felt judged and disregarded. These feelings would make me ask the question “What kind of sisterhood is this?” Some of my greatest “Church Hurt” was at the hands and hearts of my fellow sisters in Christ. I grew bitter and guarded. I became distrusting and I gave off the “better than” attitude because I simply didn’t want to be bothered with women anymore. I would do things to purposely push women away from me because I did not trust them, but it was also during this time that I felt like how I was operating was not right. My convictions challenged me to learn how to love on my fellow sisters in Christ in a solid Godly way. 

The scripture I started this post with spoke so loudly to me.  It starts by saying, “walk with the wise and become wise”. So what are we as women of God doing to make and keep ourselves wise? Are our actions attracting others to us so that they can glean from our wisdom? I would like to encourage every sister that reads this to evaluate their self and ask, what can I do to make my sisters in Christ feel secure and safe? We were created in the image of God.  With that being said gossip, judgment, and condemnation are not of God and when we handle our sisters in these ways it goes against the God we serve. God shows us unconditional love, compassion, and safety. We need to model ourselves in that way when we interact with our sisters. I’m sure you noticed that I keep saying the word sister. The reason for that is because we are all sisters in Christ and it is so important that we never forget that it is our duty to always operate in Godly Sisterhood.  The power that a strong, united sisterhood possesses is incomparable. No force can defeat it and no weapon formed against it can prosper. When we operate within sisterhood the right way, we have more women taking pride in their self-worth and less in competition. When the sisterhood is strong we will stop losing so many of our baby girls to disparity and promiscuity. When the unit is tight, as cliché as it sounds, we truly can conquer anything. Division will decrease, petty differences won’t exist, and love will reign supreme. Check your heart ladies; make sure your love for the next sister is that of the love of Christ.