When Preparation Meets Opportunity

When I hear and read about Jesus’ return, I get excitedmy heart literally smiles. The thought of seeing his face, the full and absolute confidence that everything I believed and lived for is true, and most importantly, the opportunity to worship Him forever brings me so much joy. I haven’t always had these feelings though. Hearing of the return of Jesus used to be so terrifying. Opening the book of Revelation was a definite “not going to happen!” But now, I enjoy reading about what I can expect in the times to come and while thinking about the return of Christ brings me immense joy, there’s a part of me that mourns because I feel that I simply haven’t shared Him enough. 

Yes, I’m excited for the return of Christ, but I want everyone that I know—even those I have yet to meet— to accept Him and have that same excitement. Though no man knows the day or the hour of His return, I need Him to hold off a little longer. I’ve found sharing Christ and discussing the word with other believers to be easy, but sharing Him with non-believers is a bit challenging for me.

So I prayed and asked God to give me some opportunities to share Christ and boy did he answer! In one week, God blessed me to have an encounter with a friend who is a believer but is trying to grow more spiritually and then with a Muslim man who is strong in his faith but adamant about not changing. You see what God did? He used my friend as the ice breaker and then BAM! He hit me with a left hook that I didn’t even see coming, but I was prepared.

Was the Muslim gentleman converted in one conversation? No. I’m certain he’s still devoutly Muslim, but the Lord saw fit to bless me with those two encounters, not that I got every word right or laced each conversation perfectly with the right dose of scripture, but because I trusted Him to open that door for me and my heart was in the right place. And sometimes God just uses us to plant a seed and all we can do is be prepared to do our planting when it’s time.

I want to grow in boldness when it comes to sharing Christ because I don’t want to feel the responsibility of anyone’s soul who I may have had the opportunity to witness to and didn’t when I had the chance. I want to stay prepared because these encounters are precious and God is counting on me to do my part. There’s a whole cloud of witnesses cheering me on!

Dear Lord, please continue to give me more opportunities to share you with those I encounter and more importantly with those who I already know who do not yet fully know you that their lives will be changed forever and that they, too, will have the same excitement about your return that I do. Help us all to be prepared when you send someone our way. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.