Tis the Season to…Share Jesus!

(Revised from original posted December 2014)

Often we get so caught up on the cares of this world that we don't realize we've placed the things that really matters to the heart of God, especially our relationship with Him, in the wrong place.

 My questions for you are:

·       How often do you take the time to be so in tuned to the Lord that you're sensitive to the silent screams of those you come in contact with? 

·       Are Christians, especially those in your close circle, the only ones who know you're saved? 

·       Are you isolating yourself from the world by not spreading the Good News? 

·       Could people see your light today? 

·       Were you able to give perfect strangers hope? 

·       Even if you didn't preach to them verbally, did your presence minister to them? 

I know those were a plethora of questions and may even seem a bit "hard to stomach" but we have to get back to the basics, and that is why we are created. Our heavenly Father wants us to "be fruitful and multiply" and that isn't just in a procreation sense. Be fruitful spiritually and increase the kingdom. No, we can't personally save someone's soul, but we can be salty enough to make them want some of the Living Water we have to replenish their thirsty souls; we can shine His light brightly to pierce through their darkness.

As a creative being, I could focus on my gifts and talents as if they are my calling but no, my calling is the same as all other members of the Body of Christ--the ministry of reconciliation. My gifts and talents are only tools that I'm to use to help carry out the ministry. I pray that Holy Spirit convicts you today as He has done me--take your eyes off of yourself this holiday season and set them, and keep them, on Him so that you can carry out the Great Commission.

Be blessed and dare to share the light, life, love of Christ to someone in this season. After all, it’s the blessedness of hope that was born in the form of Jesus Christ that we even celebrate Christmas.