Patience...The Hardest Virtue

James 5:17 “Be patient as you wait for the Lord’s return. Consider the farmers who patiently wait for the rains in the fall and in the spring. They eagerly look for the valuable harvest to ripen.”

If you’re anything like me, you hate to wait for change, you hate to wait on people, and you even hate to wait on blessings sometimes-don’t deny it. In the above verse in James it discusses how we need to patiently wait for the Lord’s return, but I think we can apply this verse to not only the Lord’s return but to several other things. Let’s dig deeper. I’m sure we all have learned throughout life that there’s always a season of waiting. Not every season is a harvest season. Some seasons are meant for sowing, some are meant for watering, and some are meant for harvesting. The problem with us is we want the harvest without doing any of those other things needed in-between. Only if life truly worked that way…

God has placed dreams and desires in your heart, but most of the time there’s a season of waiting involved. God is not a genie, we don’t simply make a wish and it comes true. God is a teacher, a parent, a counselor, he’s omnipotent. We wait on things because that is the required sacrifice needed for us to have what we want. Maybe you’re waiting on your relationship to improve-while you’re waiting maybe God is transforming you which was needed for the relationship. Maybe you’re waiting to get married-while you’re waiting maybe God is preparing him to be a better husband for you. Maybe you’re waiting for a promotion-while you’re waiting maybe God is rearranging some things in your new job that will be in your favor. You never know what God has for you, but you do know whatever it is will be worth the wait and for your best interest.

There is a right way to wait and a wrong way to wait. The fact is that we’re all going to wait! Too many of us want things done our way, on our timetable, in the way we think it should happen. When this doesn’t happen is when we become discouraged, and begin to doubt God and begin to question His plans. But be honest with yourself, were you really trusting God? If you were trusting God you wouldn’t be depending on your ways and your timetable, you would be solely depending on God’s ways cause deep down you know that His ways are not like our ways.  So if you were really trusting him, then why do you doubt God as you’re waiting? Notice the verse in James doesn’t say “if” you wait, it says “as” you wait. So guess what girlfriend? You’re going to have to wait! People will often measure your faith on the amount of “things” you have. But it requires greater faith when you don’t have anything. God is building your faith during the waiting seasons. Wait for God in faith, wait for God patiently, and wait for God joyfully.