Jesus & Coffee Shops

(First published November 2015)

Today I went to a coffee shop with my hubby, and since I wasn't working I thought to myself, "Jesus, show me who to share Your love with today."

I sat a while longer and looked up and noticed a young man behind the counter. I decided to get a tea so I could have an opportunity to speak with him. I put the smile in my heart on my face and made small talk with him so I can have more time to read his name badge.


I said, "Timothy, you have one of the best names ever!" He replied, "Oh this isn't my real name; I just like to play around sometimes," and he proceeded to give me his real name. I let him know his biological name was incredible too, but chance didn't lead him to choose his "pretend" name to be Timothy. I told him about another remarkable and famous a young Timothy is and how he has two books named after him. He was amazed, but more customers arrived so I told him that he should look him up and to check out the New Testament to find out more. Before leaving the line I told the barista, we'll call her Miss A., how beautiful she is.

I went outside to wait for the right opportunity to return to Timothy because I knew I peaked his curiosity. I knew there was more for me to share and I didn't know how I was going to say it, but I knew that if I'd open my mouth Jesus would fill it. Hubby came outside to tell me we were about to leave, so I hurried inside to speak to them again.

"Dude, I just want you to know that you're amazing, your hospitality was stellar but most importantly Jesus loves you and thinks you're awesome. I love you too man and just know that He cares for you. Miss A, He loves you too, so very much."

I looked into his eyes and realized those words penetrated his heart. We shook hands, and he asked my name and invited me to return soon.

I'm sure I will.

I'm sharing all of this to say, God has need of the Body of Christ to share His love, heart, and compassion no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable we feel about it. Christianity isn't a religion. It's a lifestyle that we choose to live on purpose. It's not about buildings or our gifts and talents but it's about manifesting the glory and love of the Father through us, His children. Even returning to that coffee shop, I might not see those two again but I do know that seed was planted and/or watered, and God will give the increase.

Everyone has eternity stamped on them so if we have hope in Christ, why not be brave to love someone enough to share His heart?