You're So Special

I recently got the opportunity to speak at a women’s empowerment event.  It was so amazing to be amongst doctors and attorneys and share with them a word from God.  I remember initially feeling so unworthy to be on a panel with such accomplished women but then that’s when something occurred to me.  I realized just how special I really am and the very reason why I am so special is the very reason I was so qualified to be in that place. 

One of the things that I mentioned as I was speaking was the fact that it was the voice of God that delivered me from my low place.  The fact that even in your mess God still sees us worthy enough to speak to us, which should tell you just how special we really are.  We so often count ourselves out because of the mistakes we’ve made or because we go through seasons of confusion that the enemy inflicts on us.  Yet in the midst of our lows, God is still preparing us for greater blessings.

Something that I have to constantly tell myself is I must be something special because the very same voice that speaks to me is the very same voice that appointed Moses and Noah.  It’s that same voice that spoke through the angels.  It is the exact same voice to utter the words “Let there be light”.  It’s the voice that told peace to be still and the waves to calm down.  God commanded all these miraculous things to take place just through His voice and it is the same voice that tells us our purpose.  He loves us enough to use that same power through just His voice to bring us out of our messy situations. 

The glories of God are always so fascinating and beautiful to bear witness to.  It is even more amazing when those glories are showered down on us.  When we can reflect back to our personal lives and see all the ways God showed us His power, how can we doubt our worth?  God shows us daily how special we are to Him by placing purpose and assignment on our lives.  Maybe you don’t know what that purpose or assignment is right now but praise God just for speaking His voice to you.  Your purpose will soon be revealed, I declare and decree in the name of Jesus.  You are so special in the eyes of God.  Don’t let the enemy trick you into believing anything less.  You’re special.