Fighting With Faith

This blog is dedicated to my sister/cousin Adam’s Rib guest blogger, Meisha Mayo and her brother/my cousin, Derrian Baker.  This one is for our family…

I don’t have any in depth scriptures or fancy words for this one, all I have is my heart.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Sometimes we are faced with things that test our faith and take our faith to new depths and levels. It’s easy to have faith when things are going well and making sense, but what about when the enemy is trying to kill you?  Currently my family is faced with one of the hardest and heartbreaking situations we’ve faced in a long time.  Someone we love so dearly is literally fighting for his life. We are all playing the waiting game to see how he will improve and what the next move will be.  While he lies there, we sit here praying for a miracle to take place.

These are the moments when your faith is tested to the limit. It’s in these moments when God wants to see if all that you preach you practice as well. It’s now when we get weak or weary but we have to turn to the hills from where our help comes from. The scriptures say “You are my refuge and strength, a present help in the time of trouble.” 

Let’s be honest, with all that’s going on with my family right now faith is the hardest thing to operate in, but our love is what fuels our faith. We are not only fighting to have faith but we are fighting to KEEP faith as well. I am assured through the Word when it says, “For whoever will draw near to God and believes He exists, will be rewarded for seeking Him.” My heart hurts but my soul finds comfort in knowing who is God and who is in control. My eyes may not see what’s to come, but my faith is the evidence that everything is going to be all right.

I will end this asking all those who read this to keep my family lifted in prayer. My cousin is fighting for his life but we are claiming the victory right now. We believe in the power of prayer and so all prayers are welcomed. If you feel so led to help in a greater way you can donate to this site. Thank you in advance.