The Significance of Spiritual Surgery

1 John 1:9

-“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

A young lady was experiencing a crazy amount of pain.  Her body wasn’t feeling right.  She scheduled an appointment with her doctor, the doctor says come on in, let’s take a look.  When the doctor does the examination he discovers something that doesn’t belong.  There was a tumor that was destroying her body and it couldn’t function properly.  The doctor says it’s vital that it be removed or it could be fatal.  So an operation date had been scheduled.  The young lady wasn’t looking forward to it because she knew that she would have to deal with some discomfort and pain but she knew it was necessary in order to live a fulfilling life.  Once the surgery was complete and the young lady made it through the healing process she noticed that she felt like a brand new person.  Her walk wasn’t the same, she spoke with more life and enthusiasm, and she lived her life to the fullest!

At times we need to view our spiritual temples the same as the physical body.  We sometimes need to go to the doctor, Jesus Christ, and get our spirits examined.  When we involve ourselves in things that we know is not of God (sin) and we know don’t line up with the purpose God has for our lives, we begin to feel “not right”.  We start to feel like something is wrong.  That’s called conviction. Conviction is when you do things you use to do but you feel out of place when you do it now or you feel like you’re involved in something that might get you in trouble.  Sin is the tumor and the conviction is the pain from the thing that you know does not belong.  Occasionally our souls have to go through spiritual surgery.  We need to allow God to remove the things that don’t agree with His plan.  If we continue to live with the “tumors” we jeopardize the promise God made us.  We are taking a chance of killing our spirits.  The promise He made to us is to have a more fulfilling and abundant life.  Why would you want to sacrifice that?  How many of us can admit we need God to cut us and remove what doesn’t belong?   We need to make it a priority when we go to God in prayer to ask Him to cleanse us from the inside so that our outside may reflect.  Once God does His job and we heal from the “surgery”, we will walk around in life like a brand new person!  We will BE a brand new creation!   

Prayer:  Father God, we want to thank you for life.  We want to take this time to say thank You Lord for loving us enough to keep us clean of the things that don’t belong in us.  Lord we ask you to please take away the parts of us that do not agree with your plan for us.  Keep our minds and souls clear and centered on you.  We desire to make it to the promise you made us.  Lord if you see fit to do surgery, have Your way because we know that once the healing process is complete, we will be as good as new and ready to walk into our destiny.  Lord we thank You and we love You. We lift these things up In Jesus Name, Amen.