Facing Giants

1 Samuel: Story of David

David was about 16 years old when he was appointed King of Israel.  I've often wondered why he was chosen over all of his brothers and any other man.  He was the youngest of his brothers, the smallest, and maybe even less skillful.  Then it occurred to me that David was chosen because he had a heart after God.  David’s first job as the newly appointed King was to serve, which should also be our job in the kingdom of God.  If we want to be good leaders, face and defeat our giants then we first must learn to serve.

Just as David faced and defeated Goliath we must also face our giants as well. In the Bible it says that David absolutely went forward after the giant, which means that he did not run, he confronted.  The circumstances of our lives should not determine our faith.  If we want to become leaders, kings and queens in our jobs or households then we must face our giants. Which is what David had to do, but know that God will be with us through the journey.  David was the most exalted and favored King next to Jesus in the Bible, and Jesus even came from the line of David.  And God honored David so much that he told him he would establish his house forever, which he did.  In order for us to be kings and queens during our time here on earth then we must face our giants of fear, opposition, debt, anxiety, worry, doubt, etc.  “Fight the good fight of faith because I will be with you.” 1 Timothy 16:12.

We need to focus on how powerful God is and not how big our giants are. David didn’t focus on the size and power of Goliath, which he easily could have. He was a man after God’s heart and he focused on His strength and not his own weakness.  Thousands of years ago Jesus already defeated all of our giants that we’re facing today and we have a choice of whose strength we’re going to rely on.

When we’re faced with giants we need to attack without hesitation just like David, but praying to God for guidance and strength.  David had no fear because his eyes were centered on the one who delivered him from the past lions and bears.  He kept his faith centered on the God who parted the Red Sea in Israel and not on the giant in front of him.  We also need to be aware of who we’re fighting because we need to see the giant for what it is which is spiritual opposition.   It says in Ephesians that our fight is against the spiritual and dark forces of evil in the heavenly realms.  Which means we are fighting against the evil forces within a person or situation and our Heavenly Father can only win that battle.  Faith without works is dead; the reason why the Israelites weren’t being delivered from Goliath is because they rested in their faith instead of activating and implementing it.  "And he who trusts in the Lord will prosper," Proverbs 28:25.  Not who trusts in their spouse, their parents, themselves, the government, or their job, but only with God will we prosper. I want to encourage you to read the story of David and meditate on it. Face your giants like David did.

My prayer is: “Lord, thank you for already fighting my battles and defeating my giants.  I know that I’m faced with giants and tests so that my faith can be renewed and my trust in You strengthened.  I ask that You keep me reminded of Your promises to me so that I may face my giants without fear. In Jesus name I pray. Amen!”