A Letter From God

To You:

You are so beautiful.  You shine and light the world with your smile.  Your presence is desired by all those who love you.  I did the world a favor when I created you.  

I crafted you with care and finesse.  You were made in My image.  I designed the perfect jewel and called it by your name.  You face adversity with such grace and honor.  You represent royalty because the world reverences to me, your Father, as King.  

Your strength is uncompromising.  No matter the magnitude of the situation, you stay prepared to win and conquer.  The world sees you and they see someone they want to model themselves after.  Mothers see a person they want their daughters to aspire to be like.  Fathers see an example they can encourage their sons to look up to.  What a miracle you are!  You defied obstacles and still smile with an abundance of joy.  Have I mentioned how amazing you are?  You are so powerful.  You operate in the power I possessed you with.  

Some days you get discouraged.  You want to hang your head low but I send reminders to you that you are a winner.  Winners don’t bow, they stand tall.  You are a giant!  I have equipped you to manifest every desire of your heart.  

I am so proud of you my son, my daughter.  All those around you take much pride in you too.  We are proud to know you.  We take pride in watching you grow.

Prayers are sent up for you daily.  I hear your prayers too.  You come to seek me with such a humbled spirit and I cannot wait to bless you beyond measure.  It is the prayers of the righteous that prevail.  You my child are righteous in all you do and while it seems to go unnoticed, find comfort in knowing that you are seen and what you’ve been waiting for is on its way!  All those connected to you will be blessed as well.  

It’s an honor to see my work being done through you.  I chose you because only you can fulfill this purpose.  It’s your voice, your vision, your dedication, and your commitment to Me that will change the course of the world.  You’re getting ready to touch a magnitude of My people.  It’s your dynamic testimony that will draw men until Me .  They will want to know Me more because they will see through you how real I am.

Let’s prepare to celebrate your triumphs and your victories.  Welcome your enemies and naysayers.  They doubted you in the past but this day they praise you for your great work.  I told you I would use your enemies as your footstool.  Their doubt only elevated you to your next level.  So continue to thank Me for those enemies, they helped you.

Continue to build and grow your legacy.  You are setting a foundation for your children and your children’s children.  This is your time. Your bank account is increasing, your territory is increasing, your love is increasing, your happiness is increasing, and your joy is increasing.  Your time is now.  Your energy is increasing.  Expect these things from Me and be open and ready to receive it all.  I love you.


From God

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