To Be the Lender & Not the Borrower...


The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan For Financial Fitness by Dave Ramsey

Talk about a gut check!!! I'm not trying to compare any book to the Holy Bible, but Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey should be your Bible when it comes to finances. This book gave me a true gut check when it came to how to manage my money. A few years back I was growing tired of living paycheck to paycheck and would pray to God to increase my territory when it came to my income. He didn't quite increase my territory as far as my income, BUT he did direct me to this man of God Dave Ramsey. Dave Ramsey is considered America's trusted voice when it comes to money and business. He has five New York Times bestselling books in addition to having over 8 million listeners to his radio show. Once l learned this information about Dave Ramsey I figured I'd check him out and see what he had to say about money. I'm so glad I did. God answered my prayers when He directed me to this book because my increase is on it's way...

In this book Dave discusses not only what to do with your money, but also how you can get out of debt. He explains the meaning of your money and Who it truly belongs to, and goes on to explain that in order to receive God's best you must first give to God's kingdom. That's the first thing I appreciated about this book; I appreciated that the financial advice was not only coming from a businessman, but also from a man of God who understands the value in tithes, offering, and giving to others. Dave doesn't just offer quick fixes to your money problems, he instead offers a no-nonsense approach to money matters. He provides not only the how-to but also a hope for getting out of debt and achieving financial health. If you listen to his radio show, you can hear his voice while reading this book.

The success stories speak for themselves throughout the book and it truly gives the reader not only hope but guidance on how to achieve financial freedom. Dave is upfront and provides brutal honesty to his readers and may even convict you to sell items that you don't need, give up activities that you love doing, or even to bring in additional income. He explains how your sacrifice now will pay off later. He not only discusses how to get out of debt which is a MAJOR part of the book, but he discusses real estate, savings, retirement, college funds, health savings, the list goes on! ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to do with money he discuss in-and-out! If you ever have a question about your money, I guarantee that you would find the answer by reading this book and/or listening to his radio show.

My favorite part in the book is where he discusses attacking your debt with gazelle intensity and refers to it as "the snow ball effect." He calls it the snow ball effect because he advises that you pay off your smallest debt first, no matter the interest rate. You throw all of your extra money to the smallest debt. Once that small debt is paid off, you use that money to add to the next smallest debt. Once that debt is paid off, you move on to the next debt and so on. His ways and recommendations seem so easy, but very challenging to do. Which is why I like how he takes you through each process of teaching you how to tell your money where to go, how to stack up an emergency savings account, how to budget, and to only using cash to purchase items. You'll quickly learn that Dave is NOT a fan of the plastic card (cues scary music). It took some getting used to, and although I may not completely be out of debt now, by reading this book and with the Lord's help I am well on my way! I'm choosing to take my life back and to be the lender and not the borrower!

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