Miracles DO happen and they ARE sent from heaven


Miracles From Heaven

WOW! Talk about not only a feel good movie, but a hope giving and faith restoring film! Miracles From Heaven is a true story about a family from Texas who frequently attend church and would consider their selves to have faith at all times. Their faith is soon tested when one of the daughters is suddenly diagnosed with a rare digestive disorder, but finds her self miraculously cured after surviving an accident. I think several people would be able to identify with the Beam family in a number of ways which is what makes this film enjoyable to watch. Their faith is tested, their finances are depleting, they're all suffering a great deal, and they begin to question God's goodness and his plans. Whether you've had an illness in your family or not, this film will be able to speak to many things your family may have or is suffering with.

Anna Beam who is the daughter that becomes ill showed incredible strength and courage and gave her family hope even though she was the one suffering. The fact that the events in this film occurred in real life will give your soul hope and confidence in Christ all over again that He is in control. Jennifer Garner does an excellent job portraying the mother (Christy Beam) in this film. Through her acting you feel her emotions and stress as it relates to what she's having to deal with. It was also pleasing to watch because I've read through several sources that Jennifer Garner is one of the nicest people in Hollywood. She treats everyone equally from the Director down to the camera crew. It's refreshing to know that a star like her still remains humble and pleasant. At the end of the film they show the real family a few years later just as pleasant and thankful as ever. What a testimony they're all able to provide because of these occurrences. Miracles DO happen and they ARE sent from heaven.

Lindsey ArnoldComment