"Motivated To Love" by Amanda Taylor


Are you motivated to love? It sounds easy right? Things are always easy when everything around you is roses and daisies. Could you be motivated to love if your husband told you that he no longer loved you and that he was having an emotional affair with another woman? This is exactly what happened to author Amanda Taylor. Amanda’s marriage was in trouble as her husband shared with her that he no longer loved her, but instead of giving up she fought for her marriage and decided to remain motivated to love.

This book provides practical and spiritual steps of how to restore your marriage in-spite of an unmotivated and reluctant spouse. Even though I’m not married, I still thoroughly enjoyed this book. If your marriage is in trouble this book can be a guide to restoration. This book also serves as a preventative tool to keep your marriage from going down a wrong path. I appreciate how transparent Amanda is about her life and her marriage. She lets her readers into her inner most personal thoughts and feelings which is inspiring and it gives readers hope about their own marriage.

It is clear that Amanda believes in the sanctity of marriage as she shares with her readers how to truly love your spouse unconditionally even thought he may not show the same love towards you. Keep in mind, Amanda doesn’t condone staying in an abusive marriage or putting you or your kid’s safety at risk, but she does encourage her readers to fight for their marriage. This book also shows that nobody’s marriage is safe from the enemy. The devil doesn’t want a marriage that’s serving the Lord to last, and Amanda’s story proves that.

This book isn’t meant for you to just read and dwell on, this is what I would call an action book. Amanda provides “homework” assignments and different exercises to assist in restoring your marriage. She warns her readers that the journey will be difficult, long, and will require a lot of work, but she gives you hope that with God’s help it can be renewed and be even better. Amanda and her husband David have a podcast where they discuss their marriage and address issues that can break up a marriage and provide tips on how to mend a broken marriage www.mendourmarriage.com I would highly recommend reading Amanda’s book and checking out their podcast and website.

Lindsey ArnoldComment