War Room


Get Ready for Battle!

We all know that we are living in a battlefield, and maybe not a literal battlefield, but a spiritual one. The Bible says that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness because we are in a spiritual warfare. The movie War Room is a drama mixed with relatable clean humor that explores the power of prayer and how it can change marriages, family, relationships, parenting, careers and friendships. Minister Priscilla Shirer plays Elizabeth Jordan, a married successful real estate agent mother who seems like she has it all together, when in reality her marriage is failing, her husband becomes distant, her daughter seems troubled and Elizabeth grows bitter. She has a chance encounter with a new client, Ms. Clara, who seems to see right into Elizabeth's soul and challenges her to establish a "war room" and create a battle plan of prayer for her family. Elizabeth's life forces her to accept the challenge and she quickly learns how prayer can not only change your situation, but it can change yourself inside and out. 

I absolutely LOVE this film. War Room is from the same award-winning creators of the films Fireproof and Courageous. The Kendrick brothers are really good about capturing real-life emotions and issues that all people go through. Their films are thought-provoking and truly cause you to self-reflect. What's special about War Room is it reveals the power that prayer and faith have. It is easy for people to get discouraged when we don't see prayer working the way we think it should work, but in this film the Kendrick brothers show you that it is working in God's timing, and things are changing for our good. The film shows how Elizabeth is changed because she decided to remain in prayer no matter what was happening around her. Her actions even encouraged her family to create their own battle plan of prayer. The film also shows that the enemy will try to attack once you begin fighting back with prayer, just like a war zone, but it reveals that God is stronger and always has the victory. 

This film is great for the whole family to watch and enjoy and I would also recommend showing it at church. What's great about the Kendrick brother's films is there's no swearing, violence, nudity, or sex. They stay true to their pure hearts and take Godly accountability in the films they produce. I watched an interview of them and they mentioned that production studios offered them tons of money and guaranteed that "A" list actors could star in their films, but they turned it down because the integrity of their films were of more importance than having Hollywood actors star in them. This movie will encourage you to put on the full armor of God, get your battle plan together, and go to war in prayer.

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