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The Encounter

The Encounter


This thought provoking film is about five strangers who find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere at a deserted roadside diner. The five strangers consisted of an arrogant businessman, a woman in a lonely relationship, a couple on the verge of divorce, and a young runaway girl. All of these strangers came face-to-face with the diner owner who serves them all of their needs and more, not realizing that this certain diner owner already knows all of their secrets and possess all the answers to their problems. It's an encounter that would change their life forever.

I really loved this film because it addressed all the questions that we've asked of Jesus and God in our lifetime, such as "why would you let this happen to me?" "where were you when I needed you?" Jesus is the man at the diner that serves all of the strangers not only food, but wisdom, knowledge, encouragement, and truth. There's even a man in the film that portrays the enemy and mocks Jesus. It systematically deals with all the major objections as to why people do not believe in Christ. It offers a well thought set of arguments for choosing Christ. I also like how the film showed a man refusing to come to Christ no matter how much Jesus tried to convince him that it was in his best interest. 

This film gives you insight to present day Jesus. I'm not saying that Jesus has changed, but this film enables you to identify with Jesus as the Holy man He is. It provides great illustration of how Christ still loves the sinner but hates the sin and gets his sheep back on the right track, if they have faith and obey. The film portrays Jesus as a friend, savior, counselor, healer, mentor, and everything in between. It shows that Jesus wants to serve and isn't afraid to serve. This film is a great family movie or even date night movie. It's safe to watch at church or with young children.